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September | Transitions and Embracing Change

“Change the changeable, accept the unacceptable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.” ~Denis Waitley

In September, I often think about transitions and change. I see it clearly as the leaves begin their seasonal dance, shifting from vibrant green to the glowy autumn colours I look forward to every year. I know that change is fundamental to the health of the tree and everything around it.

After over two years working with a team I loved in an industry that excited me, the work had become untenable at a soul level. A few months ago, we launched a category that felt deeply uncomfortable for me personally, and my role pivoted to become almost entirely in support of that category. I would spend my weekends thinking of anything but work but, by Sunday evening I would slowly sink into a pit of anxiety, dreading the week ahead. Something had to change.

I’ve never been especially risk-averse and in the past change often found me rather than the other way around. My previous three roles were the result of a referral or someone reaching out to me. Now, I had the daunting task of putting myself out there (in a challenging job market). Every time I would get overwhelmed or discouraged, I reminded myself: something had to change.

I decided to lean into change at every turn: I’m a writer, but I worked with a professional to refresh my resumé. I had to change. In many of my previous roles, I wore many hats and often felt like I was treading water instead of being able to shine in one area. So I decided to hone in on one specific aspect of my skills during my job search. I changed.

All this change worked out: I started a new role two weeks ago, and while that kind of change always has the potential to be big and scary, I felt physical relief knowing I made the right decision. It helps that leadership at my previous company unanimously supported my decision — it was the best choice for me and the business.

There’s still a lot of change to come as I settle into this new space and feel my way through what works — and what has to change. But like the leaves, I’ll embrace whatever comes my way and know it’s necessary to grow and thrive.

Journal Prompts

  • What in your life is calling for change? Would you benefit from a large overhaul or small, thoughtful adjustments over time?
  • Where does your team need change? What can you change to support and encourage them?

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Today’s edition of the L@S Newsletter was written by Steph Davidson. Steph is a writer, editor (Team Oxford Comma), and communications professional in Toronto. Steph has been working behind-the-scenes wordsmithing with L@S for over a year. When not focused on finding the right way to say something, she spends her time watching horror movies, trying out new recipes, and going to as many events as her schedule will allow – and sometimes more.


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