Blue Jays in Bird Feeder

What is a Flock? Who is Your Flock?

To be in flock is to feel seen welcomed, belonging and strengthened.

I watched the blue jays arrive – the first two or three one at a time, and then a few at once. They do their dance around the bird feeder. Ensuring all are fed. I feel their joy and their strength.

Our first Flock came organically: Hesaneh reached out because she wanted her team to experience the strength and connection of being together to grow. Grow their skills, deepen their connection and expand their impact.

We created a cohort of the 19 people across teams, using their professional development benefit to co-create a program just for them. Their focus: upward management, communicating for influence and ————– .

We started a journey together, anchored to accountability and agreement about their shared hope for career growth and greater impact. They are building a leadership habit together and unique to themselves over the three months.

The pandemic and our global reaction isolated so many of us. To reconnect, to feel seen and belong is an antidote to the feeling of isolation so many of us experienced.

If you’d like to create your own cohort of cross functional leaders as Heseneh did or create a cohort for your team, get in touch. We’d love to support that co-created sense of belonging and champion your professional growth

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